Saturday, August 14, 2010

Conversations with Dead People

Next week on Thursday (August 19th), I will be defending my 60-page thesis (Topic: Twentieth Century Cowboy Myth).

The feeling is surreal.

Since June 1st, I’ve toiled endlessly, with little or no contact with the world outside of writing and research. It’s been a grueling two and a half months, and I find myself horribly disoriented now that the ride is over.

My room is in shambles. My life is proverbially disheveled. And I keep looking for my laptop, only to discover the one task I have left is to check my e-mail incessantly. (BTW, it’s loaded with nothing but spam...Balls! Also, why did it comfort me to check my e-mail so frequently when I was writing my thesis? Nobody ever wrote to me. And with precious few exceptions, I never wrote anyone either.)

Now that it’s over, I cannot deny a part of me just wants to shut off to anything but Buffy and Pop Fiction Novels for a week straight. But I refrain, because the strict discipline of my life during this period keeps pounding the same question out of my brain: “What do we do now?”

Should I take a few days off (not of work, but of tasks)? Should I rebuild my room? Should I begin studying for my GRE, right away? Should I sit down and write some music?

What would you do?

I think what I’m suffering from is the giant chasm of disconnect fostered by months of “alone time” and endless hours of conversations with dead people (like John Wayne or Ford, and Owen Wister, author of The Virginian).

I thinks it’s time I rejoined the land of the living.


Kira said...

If I were you, and I'm not... I would get myself down here where I am being anticipate with great eagerness so the people who LOVE and adore me can give me what they have been waiting to give me for MONTHS! Besides, Sara Lyn will be here this week. Good Job Becky. Time for some Scrabble and Miyazaki.

Fran said...

Listen to Kira, she knows what she is talking about. Remember who you are and spend some time in the Temple too. We love you.

Michelle LaPierre said...

I agree. So come to Boston, I need people to talk to me and I can't leave hear so naturally you should come to me.

ldsjaneite said...

First off, you have my greatest admiration for writing a thesis. Amazing!!

And for fun stuff (for you), I'm thinking Fig Newtons, well-done period dramas, a hike in Provo Canyon--you know the place, listening to some bluegrass, writing another song (I miss your music) and definite time with friends. Who could pass up Sara Lyn time?! :-)

Sara Lyn said...

I think you should come down here, too!! Come see us!

Sara Lyn said...

Oh, and congratulations on finishing your thesis, of course. I wanted to make a sarcastic comment about "small tasks" but I find I just can't belittle SUCH an accomplishment. Yay for you!!!!! (Now come visit!)