Friday, February 3, 2012

Pancakes at Midnight and Pizza for Breakfast: Modern-day Balms of Gilead

Life has given me some incredible opportunities to stretch and grow, as of late. Most of the situations I can’t really discuss in much detail, because they are not necessarily my stories alone to share; but I will say this, I am humbled by Heavenly Father’s careful hand with our hearts. He holds them with the delicate and healing touch of an omnipotent surgeon, cutting when he must, but knowing just the right moment to tenderly massage them back to life.

I also find myself in awe of His ability to time the meeting of things, ideas and people. As I have stood to help lift another, I find myself surprised to look up and find a hand reaching out for mine when my strength is all but spent. Whether it’s chatting it up all night making pizza with my cousin-in-law, only to eat it the next morning for breakfast, or hanging out at my BF’s house and, while I’m busily babbling about my world of cares, she’s making pancakes at midnight: A soft couch, a warm meal, and a listening ear are my balms of Gilead.

Thank you, my loved ones. You are my strength.

Oh, and Sara…congrats on the new home! It’s been a long wait. You and Morg deserve it!