Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Don't Need This Crap...But I Want It.

Have you ever found yourself coming across an item you don't need, but for some reason you cannot talk yourself out of wanting it?

The latest addition to my "I Don't Need This Crap, But I Want It" List is called a Utilikilt.

Yes. That's right. For $250 I can look like a girl: man-style.

Here's a list of Pros and Cons.

1. I could legitimately justify spending fifteen minutes a day fantasizing about living in the forest with the rippling William Wallace (I'm not even Scottish, but I'm sure the kilt will buy me into a clan, somewhere).
2. With a neutral color, I could potentially wear it to work, daily, for the rest of my life, and never be worried about breaking the feminine dress code.
3. Button up or dress down with t-shirt and sneakers: This kilt looks flippin' AWESOME.

1. For the price of one kilt, I could pay for approximately one-half of my entire current wardrobe.
2. I'd have to wear shorts with it (I just couldn't risk falling bum-over-tea kettle without a back up plan. Besides, what if I wanted to climb a tree?).
3. I know it would give me a more authentic look, but I just don't know if I can stand NOT to shave my legs.

I realize I'm alone on this particular item, but does anybody else feel this way about something this ridiculous?


Heidi said...

I understand the pros for you. And the cons would be exactly my cons, too!

Svedi Pie said...

Actually that's awesome! I totally like that, it is a little pricey though. But somethings are worth the investment. For me it's a Kitchen-Aid. Dang it's expensive, but it sure is wonderful to have.

Sara Lyn said...

Finally thought of something. Morgan and I bought a SNES a few months ago. So far, we have a whopping one game, but that was definitely frivolous! (And fun.) :)

Becky said...

Heidi-I mean, really. Who wouldn't want to look like William Wallace?

Shara-At least your Kitchen-Aid is a machine with practical purpose. There are a lot of recipes not possible (or would be very difficult) without one. There is NOTHING practical about the kilt.

Sara Lyn-What is an SNES? Super Nintendo? Also, I realize this has nothing to do with this particular conversation, but what did you think of Greg Laswell?

Sara Lyn said...

Yep. Super Nintendo. Like Laswell's voice. Like the acoustic sound. But I can only listen to him a little at a time. Maybe because I'm not very familiar with him. Maybe because it feels like he has the same driving beat in all the songs I've heard of his. I'm not quite sure what it is. But like I said, I'm not very familiar with him at all. I would rather listen to him that country. :) Okay. I know that's not saying much at all. I would rather listen to him than a lot of new stuff. :)

Fran said...

All I can think of is Popcicle in that!!!! I hope he is willing to wear biker shorts...maybe he should have been the model :)LOL

ldsjaneite said...

P.S. I just gave you an award (

"Isn't that special!"

(Can't think of where that quote comes from, but I can hear it clear as clear!)