Monday, March 29, 2010

Wet Cat Day

This picture describes my basic mood, today.

1. I was turned down for a job I really wanted for political reasons that had nothing to do with me.

2. I have interest in a boy who has no interest in me (After three dates, I was left with the distinct impression all I’m gonna get outta of this is another mooching friendship. And just to make it perfectly clear: I am NOT the moocher).

3. My freakin’ motorcycle parts are still on backorder. I’ve waited three weeks for them so far, and I’m told I’ll have to wait another two weeks for the parts to even get mailed. I am NOT pleased: It is warm enough to ride NOW!

4. I’ve got three weeks to write 27 pages. I am so screwed.

5. I have a cavity.

6. I ate ham yesterday. I haven’t had a piece of processed meat in almost three months. I am ASHAMED. If I had been a good girl, I would have cooked the elk steak that’s in my freezer. I know I haven’t discussed this in great detail, but I’ve attempted to maintain a processed meat FREE diet, due to a moral protest I have against the four main meat processors in this country. If you’d like to learn more, watch this video:

7. My Truck is still leaking oil! There’s a crack in one of the engine valve covers, and I’ve already spent $400 replacing two gaskets and an engine electrical cable.

8. The pace and loneliness of my life is starting to leave cracks in my heart. I’m scrabbling to plug the holes, but sometimes I find my heart leaking through my eyes.


Sara Lyn said...

:( But look on the bright side. I'm still your cousin and I love you. :) Okay, so that doesn't make up for it. What a yucky day! I love your cat photo.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Ummm.... between just two of my kids I've changed 8 stinky diapers today!

Oh... that doesn't make you feel better? Darn.

I tried.

You're awesome Becky. Truly truly. Hang in there.

Svedi Pie said...

Wow, that is a rough day. It always seems it hit right around the same time doesn't it? Also I totally agree with you about not eating process meat. I think it's awesome that you're making a real commitment! I know you're feeling down about eating the the ham, but think of all the processed meat you haven't eaten? I can't wait until we move out to NC where I can buy grass-fed beef. Yum!

Hope things start looking up soon - good luck getting everything done!

Becky said...

To Everyone-I sometimes wish I didn't use these blogs to throw pity parties for myself. But I find I'm a bit bipolar artist-I only write when I'm up or down (Which makes more sense, really. Even the Book of Mormon didn't have many verses dedicated to those boring peaceful years).

Sara Lyn-I am genuinely comforted you are still my cousin. (There wasn't much a chance of that changing anytime, though, was there?) I love the cat photo, too. It's totally pathetic.

Serene-I am ever so grateful I don't have to change diapers, despite the fact they come with cute babies attached.

Shara-I'm glad you share my Crunchy Con sensibilities. I'm not a flaming liberal vegan (meat was meant to be eaten, after all), but I do ask that people have accountability for the way they treat animals in order to get that meat.

Heidi said...

Wow--that last one. I completely understand. Remember "Return to Me?"

-We all have our days.
-I don't feel I should HAVE days.

I agree with both of them.

Loved the picture. Very suitable.