Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Viral Death

It’s That Time of Year

I don’t know what it is about late winter/early spring, but this seems the time of year I’m most susceptible to experiencing what I have affectionately named: The Upper Respiratory Viral Death from Hell.

Last year I wrote a very funny post on the subject:

Out comes my usual arsenal:
1. Airbourne—grapefruit flavor (I’m not entirely sure this isn’t a placebo).
2. Orange Juice—at least a gallon
3. Sudafed—the real kind, where you have to show an ID to get it
4. Ibuprofen—generic, by the bottle full
5. Aloe Tissues—sometimes saving the skin underneath my nose is worth the extra money
6. Caffeine—usually in the form of a Sobe or Diet Coke (oooh…with maraschino cherries. Yum!)

What makes you feel better, when you feel like dying?
I’m open to suggestions.


Sara Lyn said...

Um, you've pretty much listed what I would say. Well, maybe I lied. I would add chocolate, books and sleep to that. Probably in that order. :) (I suppose movies would be okay, too.) :)

Sara Lyn said...

And feel better!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Would I get shot if I suggested home made lemonade and garlic?

Becky said...

Sara Lyn- You are so right. I need to add sleep and chocolate to my regimen. As for books, all I have to do is my homework right now. I'm in an Oscar Wilde class.

Serene-Define "Home made" lemonade. Because, I can make country time at home.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL, you blend a fresh lemon in about three cups of water, strain it, then sweeten with raw honey.

The fresh lemon breaks up congestion and mucus in their throat chest and the honey is a natural cough suppressant.

I don't know if you are coughing or not but a spoonful of honey and some warm water might help.

Heidi said...

Josh music--or other music to your preference. The movies we used to watch together. I like to think of them as "Becky movies." :-) A good book so that even though I'm lying down in dead state, I can still say I was productive!

Sleep, sleep, and more sleep!

And mac & cheese. And fast food.

And...well, lots of other stuff.

Kira said...

No wonder we haven't seen you. I hear a garlic oil soak helps, I don't think they make mints strong enough for the aftermath though.

Becky said...

Serene-I didn't have an lemons on hand, so I tried a lime.

That was interesting.

A lemon will be used the next time.

Heidi-I would add junk food to the list, but food just doesn't sound appealing, as of late. The movie suggestion will be added.

Kira-Yeah. I'm not even going to attempt the garlic thing. Can you imagine smelling like that in the office?

I'll try to get down there soon.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL! Too funny. I tried lime once too.

Yea, um, interesting.

Lemon is better.

Did I mention that this lemonade makes you have to pee really bad afterwards.

I don't know why, but it does.

Jaime said...

Go for 2 runs and call me in the morning. (Then you can have a cold AND aching knees--but at least your heart & soul will be balmed).

Lime-ade--honestly?? Y'all just gross. Adventurous, but gross.