Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gripes...I'm Good with Gripes

Hello blog people…you five, you.

It’s gripe time again with your favorite enthusiast.

Topic #1: Dollhouse.

I am possibly one of Joss Whedon’s biggest fans. My collection contains hundreds of episodes of “Joss” TV. I’ve very rarely, if ever, had a problem suspending my understanding of reality or beliefs to allow a little bit of his wondrous and sometimes preposterous storylines into my life. There’s always been a redeeming amount of wit and humanity along with his booger covered monsters and blood-sucking heroes. That being said, I am having a hard time enjoying Dollhouse.

Here is a small list of problems I’m having with the show.
1. I am disinterested with the characters.
2. My jury is still out on main actress Eliza Dushku.
3. I hate the creative bastards at Fox.
4. Joss is an atheist.


Joss is famous for his impressive and creative ability to make characters and storylines that contain interesting dichotomies. His shows tend to be funny and serious, bloody and poignant, action-packed but include loads of soap operatic content. However, the characters in Dollhouse feel totally flat, and in turn, I feel totally disinterested. In contrast, did I care when Buffy’s best friend Willow turned into a black magic witch and filleted her nemesis alive? You betchya. Do I care if Echo falls off a cliff? Not so much, at this point.

As for Eliza. I felt pleasantly surprised by the first episode, and I hoped the show would offer her more chances to show us her acting chops. Unfortunately, in the last few episodes, I feel like she’s still hitting the same note over and over again in her performances. I don’t know if it’s because they keep giving her the same slut character, or if indeed she is the same slut character. *Shaking head back an forth.* IDK. IDK.

Next we have the creative bastards at Fox. I have a sneaking suspicion the show’s sucking is not entirely Joss’s fault. On more than one occasion, he has admitted to his legions of worshippers the show he sold and the show that Fox bought were NOT the same thing. Which makes me think FOX is once again hampering Joss’s creative juice cocktail. I realize hate it strong word, but if they are the reason the show is sucking, I would just like to say I hate them. I hate them and their mindless, souless, cookie-cutter, marketing desires. May they burn.

Lastly, and I realize this has nothing to do with whether or not I should like the show, but I recently discovered Joss is an atheist. This information shook my world. How could you, Joss, be so blessed, talented, creative, and funny, and not believe in GOD? Maybe your show sucking is your punishment.

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