Thursday, December 18, 2008

2008 is Coming to an End

Now that things have “settled down”,*let’s out an incredulous cough*, I wanted to take a moment recap my year.

Things I did in 2008:
1. I became a secretary (never thought in a million years that would happen).
2. I was accepted into grad school. *Stands with an enthusiastic fist in the air and chants, “Go Weber State Wildcats!”*
3. I went to Ultimate Tournaments in Arizona, New Mexico, California, Nevada, and Utah.
4. The Women’s BYU Ultimate team came 16th in the Nation—I was with ‘em.
5. I moved three times.
6. I had to give up my dog, Mick.
7. I went the furthest north I’ve ever been in Prince George, BC.
8. I went to Deception Pass in Washington State.
9. I developed a strong addiction to all things Joss Whedon.
10. I saw a live Coldplay concert.
11. I 've started my Thesis...somewhat successfully.
12. I started writing a Novel...somewhat unsuccessfully.

It was a huge year, and I've been blessed. I love school, and I love living in Salt Lake. It's great city.

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Mummzie and Popsicle said...

You are an awesome person and have accomplished much as it relates to the year 2008. May 2009 be a rewarding year for you