Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shots from Paradise Hill, Banff & Glacier

A more substantial written post is coming, but I wanted to get my shots up first. As always, double click to get a better look.

(Moonrise, Paradise Hill, BC)

(My Bedroom, "The Workout Room," Paradise Hill, BC [More stories to come...])

(A Disappearing Glacier, Banff National, AB)

(Lake Sunrise, Banff National, AB)

(Waterfall, Glacier National, MT)

(Apocalyptic Sunrise, Glacier National, MT)

(Water in Motion, Glacier National, MT)


Sara Lyn said...

As usual, beautiful pictures, Beck. Have you ever thought of publishing a calendar? :)

Can't wait to hear the stories!

Becky said...

You know, I think it would be cool to make one for Christmas gifts.

I should find out how much that would cost. It would be totally righteous!

Fran said...

Magnificent photos...get them bigger and frame them. Want a room like that some day :)

Lindsay Daniels said...

Love the moonrise and glacier sunstar pics. I hadn't noticed the many "windows" in your little cabin when I looked at it on your LCD screen. So sweet, though.

ldsjaneite said...

Try for the calendar idea. They often do holiday deals and such--and so easy to use!

Love all of these, but the room makes me smile. It is so you!