Monday, October 3, 2011

Writer's Block (Ergo the Pictures)

(Grand Teton National, USA)

(Yellowstone National, USA)

(Bowron Provincial, BC, Canada)

(Bowron Provincial, BC, Canada)

(Antelope Island State Park, Salt Lake City, UT)

(Somewhere in Montana, USA)

(Mt. Robson, Canada)

(Jasper National, Canada)

(Banff National, Canada)

(Glacier National, USA)


Sarah said...

No, really, that is AMAZING photography. The scenery's not hurting it either:)
Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuve you Becky:)

Sarah said...

And the moose, dude. That's AWESOME. He looks like my kind of moose. Let's talk about what I think that really means:)
OH, and the sunset!!!! GORGEOUS. Seriously, you need to develop and frame some of these pictures!

ldsjaneite said...

Wow. You are an amazing photographer--these are fabulous!

Sara Lyn said...

You got GORGEOUS pictures, Beck! Wow!!!

Michelle said...

you gotta start trying contests to really improve yourself. :) Loves!

Fran said...

Becks-----SO AWESOME!!!!Your picture taking is doing well. We love the RAM and I love the moose :) Keep going and yes, enter contests with your photos.

Debbie said...

Amazing pictures! They look like they're from a magazine or something.

Jamie said...

Awesome pictures, you might have a future ahead of you. I hope I discover a new national park so I can hire you to come take Marketing Pictures for it.

Nicole said...

Gorgeous pictures! If each picture is worth a thousand words, you are doing very well!
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