Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Crazy Life

Forgive my incredibly sporadic entries, these days. I’ve been working on my thesis and an independent studies course. With a quota of 25 academic pages a month, my motivation for writing anything else is flattened like a penny on railroad tracks: I’m spread a little thin.

That being said, I thought I’d share a brief list of recent interests and activities.

1. My beloved Flyers are in the Stanley Cup Finals, and I must say I’m not only surprised, but as proud as a momma they’re doing so well. Even better, the Pens were eliminated a full two rounds before my boys. (Sadly, I think I’m almost as happy the Pens failed as I am the Flyers are succeeding. What does that say about me?)

2. I’ve finally put my money where my mouth is: I am raising meat rabbits. This experiment was inspired by a great desire to refrain from eating processed meat. I’ve been fairly vigilant these last six months. Unfortunately, man cannot live by bread alone, nor should he. So I decided to begin raising bunnies, or as I like to call them: furry chickens. This way I know what they’re eating, how they’re treated, and the process by which they met their maker.
(There's not much going on upstairs.)

A lot of people have expressed concern I won’t be able to follow through with the last part of my experiment, i.e. killing them. But I’ve taken careful steps to alleviate possible problems in this regard. First, they live outside. Secondly, I haven’t named them. And thirdly, aside from the daily feeding, watering, cleaning, and handling (once in the morning and once at night, five to ten minutes each time), I spend very little time with them. To be quite honest, from what little time I have spent, I’m not nearly as excited about the six of them as I might be with six rats. Ultimately, their vacant expressions and skitterish personalities make it a lot easier for me to imagine them in my oven one day.

3. I’ve finished my independent linguistics course with an “A,” and there is nothing more for me to complete in my masters program but my thesis. If you had told me when I first started I’d be done two years to the month I began the program, I would have called you a liar. I feel very blessed.

4. In two weeks, I’m headed to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, in Telluride, CO. It’s the first time ever for me to see the following: Alison Krauss and Union Station, Court Yard Hounds, Chris Thile, Left Over Salmon, Victor Krauss, Jerry Douglass, and Bela Fleck. A pig in poo could not be happier.

5. I've discovered:

I'm in love with him. I really am.


ldsjaneite said...

Wow, Alison Krause--I know you must be thrilled!

And the bunnies thing? Well....another wow.

Svedi Pie said...

Totally impressed with the furry chickens. I have dreams of getting a year's supply of grass-fed beef and maybe, maybe chickens for that very reason. Going along with that similar vein that's why I've really, really want to learn how to garden (and by garden I mean working my way to sustaining my family and I mostly on the foods that come from that garden). It's definitely a work in progress - but keep it up girl!

Sara Lyn said...

Andrew Belle has a lovely voice. I can tell he's right up your alley. Thanks for the update.

Kira said...

You can't stay away forever.